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Digital Dependence
In the bright light of day, you couldn’t see it, but as the sun began to falter in the sky, losing its grip upon the heavens, tumbling toward the horizon, its presence became more apparent. Cast from the sun’s piercing gaze the room darkened, yet still the walls glimmered; the origin, a tiny glowing window, held reverently in her hands.
Day after day, night after night, the scene repeated, an unending cycle.
“You don’t look so good,” he whispered, his lingering gaze scanning her critically, his voice tinged with concern.
“I’m fine,” she replied. “Just a little tired maybe, that’s all.”
His head tilted to the side, as if to get a better look at her. “Your eyes are bloodshot.”
“I told you, I’m fine,” she snapped, her temper flaring.
He held up his hands in a placating gesture. “Alright, alright,” he soothed. “Just tired, right? Why don’t you call it a night?”
:icondakoa:Dakoa 6 4
How much of who you are, is really you?
Some things slip through your mind like water; birthdays, anniversaries, the location of your keys…
Others rattle around a bit, bouncing off the walls, clicking and clanking their way through the dusty recesses, before they too finally fall away; scraps of songs, memorable quotes, lingering tastes of meals long past…
A few however, for reasons that may not be immediately apparent, lodge there. Like a crowbar or spanner thrown into a set of moving cogs, they’re pulled in, bitten tight, and then jam, the gears grinding against one another, the mechanism gnawing on it perpetually but going nowhere. The workload may be diverted, other systems brought up to pick up the slack, but still, one machine, somewhere, is just grinding back and forth, a thought locked in place, never quite falling free and tumbling away…
She wasn’t sure where this particular notion had come from. Was it a slogan she’d glimpsed somewhere? A l
:icondakoa:Dakoa 9 4
to wake the dead.
would it be terribly insensitive
for me to say “good morning”
in a cemetery?
the sun lifts up slowly,
and the dead sleep in late,
as usual.
:iconlittleblueraccoon:littleblueraccoon 194 26
The Season Censors
We don't have winter anymore. 
It was banned. 
Human rights activists said it discriminated against the poor and homeless, who couldn't buy warm clothing. Environmentalists said that it was a dastardly attempt by the weather to deny the reality of global warming.  Manufacturers of flip-flops and bikinis complained that it was bad for business. 
Obviously such a depraved season could not be allowed to exist in a progressive country like ours.  You can see the proof of our forward-thinking attitude everywhere you go.  Look out the window of a rattletrap old bus (new vehicles are illegal; they were wasteful, and caused feelings of resentment in people who didn't have them) and the billboards by the side of the road are shouting.  One bellows, “Intolerance will not be tolerated!”   Its neighbor shrieks, “You may not criticize freedom of speech!”
:iconorigamizebra:origamizebra 153 39
Space unicorn by AlviaAlcedo Space unicorn :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,083 73 Caged Heart by yuumei Caged Heart :iconyuumei:yuumei 17,873 367 Insects....without the insects! by Nodoru-is-Noodle Insects....without the insects! :iconnodoru-is-noodle:Nodoru-is-Noodle 18 11
How to Court a Feminist
If you hold the door open for me,
I hope it's because it's a decent thing to do
And nothing to do with my gender.
If you buy me a drink,
Expect me to do the same for you.
I'll cook for you
(If you don't mind burnt food)
And I'll clean for you
(If you'll return the favour).
Not because I'm a woman,
But because it's a nice thing to do.
If you're nice to me,
It's not a ticket for sex.
If I'm nice to you,
Sex doesn't always come next.
If we go for a meal,
I want to split the bill.
I don't expect you
To sing to me,
Whilst climbing through my window sill.
I don't care if you've had sex or not,
As long as it's the same for me.
I don't want diamond rings,
Don't get down on one knee
I don't owe you anything
And you owe me nothing.
My gender is not entitlement,
And neither is yours.
If I'm drunk, I can't consent,
And I'll love you more for not doing it.
If you hit me, I'll leave you,
And if I hit you, it's just as wrong.
If I cry in front of you,
I don't expect you to fix everything.
If you cry
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 393 247
I saw something in the mirror today that kinda creeped me out.
It was a girl wearing a smile, not a frown nor a pout.
Her eyes were wide and shining, just as a summer sun.
Her laugh wasn't wooden and fake, but true and full of fun.
Her irises reflected happiness, not a trace of pain.
She was under perfect skies; not a drop of rain.
Angels swam around her, keeping the devil at bay.
Her life was precious and she wasn't throwing it away.
Her lips were red and shinging with a pure smile.
It was a sight her mirror hadn't seen in a very long while.
She wasn't at all pretty but a care she did not give.
Because today she woke up and said, "Today I am going to live."
:iconcorporaterockwhore:CorporateRockWhore 222 82
[156] Thirsty by mcptato [156] Thirsty :iconmcptato:mcptato 275 1 Ideas Take Flight by nakanoart Ideas Take Flight :iconnakanoart:nakanoart 2,217 67 Tattoo Inspired Hand Tree P.2 by RoseScentedCorpse Tattoo Inspired Hand Tree P.2 :iconrosescentedcorpse:RoseScentedCorpse 960 192
100 Reasons to Stay Alive
Cute animals that make you go, "Kawaii!"The part of the charger you put your foot on while you're derping on the laptop.Pencils so sharp you can possibly murder an undesirable specimen. (I don't suggest that, but you can.)Clear, blue skies.Putting on the headphones after a long day.Realizing you don't have any homework.The feeling of spring after winter."EMERGENCY MESSAGE: Due to extreme weather conditions, all school activities and administrative offices have been closed for today."Dry towels.Belting out your favorite song in the shower.Cute guys.Maybe cute girls.Or maybe both. I don't know your preferences.The sense of accomplishment.Looking in the mirror and trying out your "sexy" pose.Going on DeviantArt to find your messages chock-full of activity notifications.When you're in a radically good mood so you don't have a care in the world.Hilarious videos.Seeing a picture of something that doesn't usually have a face having a face.When your crush smiles at you.Being weird with your BF
:iconstarlightt1234:starlightt1234 72 44
That One Best Friend
She makes fun of me sometimes,
with a cheeky smile on her face.
She flips her hair and acts haughty,
because she knows I'm better when I follow her pace.
She won't leave me alone with my demons,
she knows they eat me alive.
So she does her best to patch me up
always--with her beautiful emerald eyes.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 39 26
Quiet Girl
I found my voice in ink.
:iconrieal-dragonsbane:Rieal-Dragonsbane 55 29
Date A Girl Who Writes
Date a girl who will argue with you over which brand of pen is better. Who needs more RAM on her computer because of Word files, not game files. Who has two bookcases – one for filled notebooks and one for other author's works.
Find a girl who writes. You know it's her because she'll always have a pen and a notebook with her. Occasionally a tape recorder. She's the one who would have as much fun at home on a Saturday night with her computer as she would out at a party.
You see the weird girl sitting on a park bench looking engrossed in watching the people that walk? That's the writer. They watch people, how they act, they discover how people work. All for research. For their next big novel.
She's the girl hunched over a laptop at the coffee shop, or a notepad. Her fingers are moving so fast they're only a blur to you. Her previously fresh-cooked muffin is now cold. Her tea has simmered down to a lukewarm. Sit down. She won't notice you for a moment, she's lost in a different world
:iconchantal9:Chantal9 117 38




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